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Calling Rates Remember DE-Call to DE-Call Is Always Free Over WiFi
Our mission is to provide the best quality telephone service. DE-Call provides a solution for people to stay in touch globally through the use of their landline, mobile or internet service provider. Through using only platinum rated routing, we strive to ensure that our telephone service has the best sound conditions to ensure a crystal clear connection. Unlike a lot of other telephone service providers, DE-Call always goes the extra mile of providing you a complete phone service, even when you have no internet connection, by using one of our access numbers available in 41 countries.
Please find our international cheap call rates below by selecting Destintion: 
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Destination USD/min
Faeroes Islands [FIX] 0.06250
Faeroes Islands [MOB] 0.19375
Falkland Islands [FIX] 0.55875
Falkland Islands [MOB] 0.55500
Fiji [FIX] 0.18875
Fiji [MOB] 0.18250
Finland [FIX] 0.03750
Finland [MOB] 0.02250
France [FIX] 0.01375
France [MOB] 0.03500
French Guiana [FIX] 0.01625
French Guiana [MOB] 0.03500
French Polynesia [FIX] 0.26875
French Polynesia [MOB] 0.26625
Please note: This is what DE-Call will charge for the call. If not calling over WiFi, you may also be charged a data charge by your operator.  Certain mobile operators,may levy a higher call termination charge, which is completely outside of our control.